Types of Multimedia We Offer

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Every now and then organizations might need help as they grow. If your organization needs help with deciding on a direction to take, or need help getting out of a persistent rut, the Summit 7 Agency team is here help. Contact our team today to let us know how we can assist your organization.

Industries We Serve

Commercial Photography
Video Production
Video Editing
Post Production
Graphic Design
Live Webinars
Podcast Production
Media Hosting
Project Consultation
Production Management
Script Writing
Studio Rentals

About The Summit 7 Media Team

The Summit 7 Agency team understands the importance of utilizing custom created media content in order to successfully connect with current and potential customers. Highly relevant and visual media content is better retained in an individual’s long-term memory and is also processed faster by the brain.

Before brands begin the process of marketing to current and potential customers, carefully designed media and content based marketing strategies should be designed to provide appropriate content to customers who fall within three general categories: Visual LearnersAuditory Learners & Kinesthetic Learners.

The Summit 7 Agency media team has a significant amount of experience when it comes to successfully connecting with our client’s customers. Our content and marketing strategies are carefully designed to help our clients customers both receive custom created media in formats they prefer while helping customers better retain information presented by the brands we manage.

Contact our team today so we can help your team develop a memorable and effective media strategy to successfully reach & capture your target audience.

Monthly Video & Media Content Services

Summit 7 Agency is excited to offer our clients a brand new, cost-effective, game-changing solution for helping companies best tell their story and communicate important messages to customers in a visually engaging and personalized manner.

Take a quick minute to imagine how incredible it would be if anyone from your organization could capture and create engaging, brand-specific content whenever a moment worth capturing presents itself. Next, imagine all the media content captured from the special moment by your team was automatically uploaded to a virtual media folder that directly connects with the Summit 7 Agency media team. Our team of professionals will then be ready to analyze, color grade and turn your content into professional looking media designed specifically for your customers. Our new monthly service finally makes it super easy and ridiculously affordable for companies of any size to professional media without spending a fortune. All media content sent from our clients will be personally reviewed & edited by one of our experienced media professionals. To offer even more value to our clients, we offer a 72-hour delivery turn-around timeframe so you won’t be waiting for weeks to receive your professionally edited content. In addition to the benefits that come from using our monthly media services, all monthly plans allow for our clients to instruct our team on how we can best design your custom content depending on where the content will be utilized. Even better, we can use media taken from one special moment and create different variations allowing the content we deliver to be used in endless way. If you finally want an affordable, flexible and game-changing solution for creating brand-specific content for your marketing, advertising, SEO, brand specific website content, videos, image galleries, etc., then look no further than the Summit 7 Agency media team. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your organization moving forward.

STEP #1: Purchase One of The Following Options


STEP #1: Purchase One of The Following Options

Use either the DJI Osmo Pocket or the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 to create endless amounts of unique content specific to your organization or brand. Either of the two provided options can be used to quickly and easily create amazing media with very little training or experience. Summit 7 Agency wants to help turn anyone from your team into photographers or videographers without the need for paying outrageous prices for 3rd party media services. At Summit 7 Agency, our aim is to provide a monthly service that help companies maximize their customer reach and achieve competitive advantages when it comes to marketing, advertising, SEO, brand specific website content, videos, image galleries, etc.

Check out some of the amazing examples of content that can easily be created with nothing more than the click of a button!

STEP #3: Let Summit 7 Agency Handle The Editing & Publishing of Your Personalized Media Content

Additional Services Offered

Website Hosting
Website Maintenance
S.E.O. Services
Social Media
The Summit 7 Agency team also offers a range of additional services to help your company win with customers and out position your competition. Whether your team needs assistance only with certain aspects of a project or could use our help from start to finish with a project, our team is ready to play any part necessary to help your team reach the summit. Contact us today to learn more about how the Summit 7 Agency can become a valued partner on your journey to success.

We Partner with Our Clients

At Summit 7 Agency, our philosophy centers around believing our success stems from our clients’ success.

Ideally, we strive to achieve 3 main goals for every project our client’s entrust our team with handling…

1. We want to help our clients gain new customers at the conclusion of each project.

2. We want to help our clients save time by utilizing Summit 7 Agency’s team of experts.

3. We want to help our clients multiply their bottom line earnings.

At Summit 7 Agency, our definition of success is when our team works hard to accurately position our clients to win with their customers, while still accomplishing additional organizational objectives in a time-friendly and cost-effective manner.

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